July 21, 2018
  • Welcome to the QB Online

    Welcome to the QB Online

    Your favourite printed QB Magazine is now available as an online version. We have all the articles and stories you love to read, and a variety of challenging and interesting Christian articles. [...]
  • Online Puzzles

    Online Puzzles

    Just like in the QB magazine, we have added a "Fun Zone" full of online games for those who love puzzles. [...]
  • Puzzles


    Just like in the QB magazine, we have added a "Fun Zone" full of online games for those who love puzzles. [...]
  • Our Ministries

    Our Ministries

    Our ministries are the heart of QB. From children and youth, women and Christian Camping we have lots of stories to share. [...]

Church Life

Old Fashioned Pews
Church Life

My Childhood Church

Recently, I received an anonymous letter lamenting (among a number of things) the lack of a tie (or was it a suit and tie?) in a photo in The qb. […]

Church Life

Breaking the 200 Barrier

Recently a few QB Regional Consultants and some Malyon College faculty combined to run a half-day conference on Breaking the 200 Barrier. […]

Christian Life

Christian Life

Farewell Billy Graham

The news of the passing of Billy Graham reverberated around the world. Peter and I were honoured to attend the funeral of this great man who God used to bless literally millions of people with […]

something for everyone

Speaking Out

Submission is not a dirty word

These days, personal freedom is prized and institutions and rules are regarded with suspicion. We’ve learned a lot about grace in the last 50 years and we’re far more sensitive to the dangers of abuse of authority and legalism […]

Speaking Out

What’s happening to service attendance?

The attendance issue I was retreating with a group of senior pastors recently when the subject of attendance at Sunday services came up. The general consensus among these pastors was that ‘committed’ Christians come to […]

Speaking Out

My Love-Hate Relationship with New Technology

I love new technology (in ‘new technology’ I am including hardware, software, and ways of communication). I certainly didn’t get this passion from my father, who has never touched a computer in his life. He […]

Speaking Out

Rewarded for service?

Initially, the idea of God blessing us for serving him appears to be out of keeping with the call to sacrificially follow Christ. Christians have no need to constantly look for rewards for the sacrifices […]


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