Best-selling Australian Children’s author releases free Christmas book

By the Bible Society Australia

Christmas Book

The celebrated author of the EJ12 Girl Hero and EJ Spy School series and Fairy Tales for Feisty Girls and Bold Tales for Brave-Hearted Boys, is this November releasing a new Christmas title, The Who, What, Why, How of Christmas. Working in partnership with Bible Society Australia, Susannah McFarlane asks some key questions about the Christmas story and explores Jesus’ birth through the eyes of four fictional characters.

Order your Free Christmas Book from the Bible Society Australia, written by celebrated author Susannah McFarlane as it asks some key questions about the Christmas story.

The Who, What, Why, How of Christmas follows the story of Josh, Tom, Grace and Abby as they ask tricky questions familiar to all parents about the meaning of Christmas. McFarlane takes an unconventional approach, by re-telling the story of Creation and The Fall before introducing Mary, the angels and shepherds.

It is hoped the book will provide children with a deeper understanding of the reason why Jesus came to earth and what it means for their lives.

McFarlane says, “Having only become a Christian three and a half years ago, I am realising in our post-Christian society, children of Gen X and Gen Y families may never have heard or asked why there was such excitement about the birth of Jesus. This book has been a tremendous privilege to work on.

I hope that it inspires young readers to ask questions and explore the Christmas story in a way that will harness their curiosity and create lots of interaction!

McFarlane works on both sides of the industry having been a leading publisher of children’s fiction for many years and now also a celebrated author, with sales of over one million copies in Australia. The Who, What, Why, How of Christmas draws on her own faith journey as inspiration.

Rev Melissa Lipsett from Bible Society Australia says, “It has been a delight to work with Susannah on this wonderful book.

The story of God becoming human is not a fairy tale. It is the very heart of the Christian gospel of grace and love, and its message is for children and adults.

Susannah’s wonderful characters invite readers to explore this ultimate love story through their own questioning. We hope some parents will even seek out the original telling of Jesus’ birth in the Bible.”

Bible Society Australia is offering The Who, What, Why, How of Christmas free to individuals and churches who register online.

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