Bible League reaches the world with God’s Word

By Bible League

Every year, Bible League reaches hundreds of thousands of people all over the world with the saving Word of God. While the programs vary from nation to nation, the Gospel is shared and people are saved by coming to know Jesus.

One particular campaign is for the Muslim World, that reaches out to Muslims across the Middle East and other countries who are seeking the truth of the Bible and want to know more about Jesus.
Niam*, a Muslim to Christian convert shared:

“I was a very radical Muslim, and I held a very strong stance against Christianity”. “There was a time I chose to leave my family because at that point, they had converted to Christianity. I hadn’t, and it was against my religion back then to even share food and water with infidels.”

An infidel, is a word used by Muslims, to describe non-believers.

Niam said he was the last member of his family to accept Jesus and become a Christian.

“I originally came from Syria and my family fled the war there six or seven years ago. Through a refugee ministry, my whole family came to Christ. I was the only one left out because I didn’t want to accept Jesus,” he said.

“I used to think that Christians worshipped three gods, and that Jesus cannot be God. I believed what I learned about Jesus from the Koran, that He was nothing more than just a prophet. That’s what I told my family when they tried to preach the Gospel to me. They talked and debated a lot with me about Jesus Christ, but I didn’t have it in me. I couldn’t receive Jesus at the time.

I lived separately from my family, until one night I had a dream that Jesus was holding my hand. He told me, ‘I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. I want you to attend church!’.

I woke up convinced Jesus was God. I believed that very night, but I still didn’t know anything about Jesus so I started to ask questions and stopped going to the mosque.”

Niam shared that he was personally introduced to the Project Philip training by the Bible League coordinator. While he initially didn’t know what to expect, things quickly became clear to him within the first few sessions.

“The most important thing that I learned at the training was how to study the Bible by myself, not depending on someone or something to explain the Bible for me. I learned how to observe the Scripture, interpret it and apply it to my life. This was very beneficial for me, and I also learned to use the Project Philip lessons for the benefit of others as well,” he said.

Since he started the Project Philip training, Niam has already begun to put his new knowledge into practice during Bible Study.

“I applied what I learned at the training, to open the Bible, to interpret the Scripture, and to explain it to others. Really, the Project Philip training was a blessing to me, and a means as well to bless others. I hope that next time the training will be twice as big as the previous one. We were with 21 participants last time. I hope and pray that next time, it will be in the forties.

Thank you, Bible League, for providing such training, and for allowing people like to me to attend and benefit from it. Thank you!”

Right now, more and more hearts are opening up to the Gospel, because it’s giving true hope to people uncertain of their future. God’s Word is reaching out and transforming lives in even the darkest places all over the world!

By partnering with Bible League, thousands of people in the Muslim World will have the opportunity to meet and know Jesus.

So how can you support these people and be a part of this ministry?

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Bible League Australia is serving the under-resourced Church globally through the provision of Bibles, biblical resources and training to transform lives worldwide through God’s Word and help people meet Jesus.