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Your Baptist World Aid Big Hearted Gifts are here and they’re better than ever! In the 2019 catalogue, you’ll find a wide variety of gifts with one thing in common: BIG impact for families living in poverty.

Families just like Ben’s.

Thank you! Your Big Hearted Giving means BIG impact for precious families like Ben’s.

Ben lives in Rural Kenya with his wife and three children. Every day was a struggle to feed his family. Every day was a struggle against poverty.

“I felt very much troubled in in my mind,” he says. “I kept thinking on what I could do to have a better life for my family, but, with no answer.”

But did you know that every Big Hearted Gift you choose for a friend or loved one also translates to real poverty-ending activities to help loving dads like Ben? And in the 2019 catalogue, there are so many wonderful gifts to choose from!

There are the favourites you love – animals like chickens which can help change a family’s future! From nutritious eggs for hungry bellies, to breeding and selling at market, the humble chook can rapidly increase income and lift a family out of poverty.

Your new card on the block gives snuggly warmth to refugee children. Flimsy shelters mean next to no protection from snow and sub-zero temperatures. A snuggly blanket does so much more than battle extreme cold and illness, it’s the precious gift of security and warmth to children and families who have lost everything.

And for the first time ever… ALL NEW value packs! You’ll love the Family Nutrition Value Pack, which combines three Big Hearted Gifts into one bundle, ensuring children and families have everything they need for a balanced diet.

“Now I am very much grateful, because my environment here has changed,” says Ben.

“I am very happy because I am able to care for my family.”

Every Big Hearted Gift you choose will make a BIG difference for families living in poverty. From growing livelihoods, to healthier homes, and safer communities.

From value packs to animals aplenty, order your Big Hearted Gifts TODAY!  Go to

Thank you for loving generously and from the heart!