Cross - CAn you lose your salvation

Disruption, disillusionment and diversity: the future of the church

In times of crisis and social and economic disruption people tend to reflect more deeply on what really matters. Half of Australians say they have thought more about the meaning of life and their own mortality this year. This deepening of the inner life has seen an increase in spiritual and faith activities, with one in four Australians saying they have engaged in more spiritual conversations and 28% reporting they have been praying more. [Read More…]

Angela CAP
Christian Life

Unpacking Poverty in Australia

Not only are 1 in 8 Australians under the poverty line, but most are far under.This is called the ‘poverty gap’, and it’s quickly expanding. But how? At Christians Against Poverty (CAP) Australia we have identified five big drivers of poverty in Australia, and each of these drivers represent hundreds of individual stories. [Read More…]