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Ipswich Region, Queensland, Australia
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About us
Chuwar Baptist Church is situated on 5 acres right on the Warrego Highway at Chuwar, in the North Ipswich area. This is one of the fastest growth corridors in Australia. Karalee, Karana Downs, Ipswich, and West Brisbane suburbs are part of our catchment. We run a Cafe - The Bean Redeemed on Sundays as well as during other church events. The music is lively and contemporary while appreciating the character of God and His Word. Teaching addresses the whole bible via a reading program through the Old Testament once and the New Testament. The next generation need to be inspired, encouraged and equipped and that's why CBC is focused on developing young leaders within youth and young adults. CBC promotes truth, grace, accountability by developing Christ
centered leaders.

Qualifications & experience

  • Be actively seeking registration or already registered as a pastor with QB
  • You are a young adult actively involved in a successful youth/young adults church ministry, but seeking an opportunity to run your own full time youth and young Adults program.
  • Will have a degree in ministry/theology or be enrolled in ministry training at a degree level. Likely finishing this year.
  • Have a demonstrated passion, calling and ability to encourage Youth and Young Adults to follow Christ.
  • You see the benefits of using your gifts in a local church and want to be involved in an active church that loves the gospel as well as seeking out new ways to share it...especially with your age group and younger.
  • You love Jesus and you love His Word. You know that it transforms people and you are a living letter to that fact. You are active in reading and studying the Bible on a daily basis and love sharing its truths with anyone who will listen.
  • You come with heaps of ideas and new ways to do things. You love working autonomously, but are open to learning and developing your gift.
  • You are definitely one filled with the fruit of the Spirit found in Gal 5:22, 23. You know the importance of unity, truth, peace and grace. You are a peacemaker and have an understanding that submitting to Christ in your role involves respecting the vision and calling of the Senior Pastor.
  • You love worship and likely play a musical instrument.
  • If you have a partner, they support you 100% in your calling.

Tasks & responsibilities

  • Live in the local area – or willing to move out here
  • Oversee Friday night Youth ministry
  • Oversee Young Adults groups during the week
  • Preaching most weeks for evening service
  • Restart Axiom – Young Adults evening services in 2023
  • Be involved in both CBC Sunday Worship Services
  • Meet regularly with the Senior Pastor to discuss planning and vision for programs.
  • Definitely an extrovert, no question. Your passion is infectious!


  • Full time wage according to QB recommendations
  • Autonomy to run programs your way
  • Support in restarting Young Adults Axiom services
  • Further training in ministry provided.
  • Superannuation to your nominated fund
  • We listen to you

Send applications to or better yet – ring the pastor – 0403 007 202 – Jay Beatty