Contact Information
251 Cobra Street, Dubbo, New South Wales, Australia 2830
Role Information

Position: Lead Pastor
Church: Dubbo Baptist Church (NSW)

Dubbo Baptist Church is seeking a full-time Lead Pastor.

To provide pastoral, spiritual, and organisational leadership to the church body as a whole and to individuals.


  1. To lead, in conjunction with the Elders, in overall planning and cohesion of the various ministries of the church in accordance with its  vision, goals and culture.
  2. To ensure a Bible-based teaching ministry and a strong Biblical influence throughout the whole ministry of the church.
  3. To provide spiritual leadership and pastoral care to the church Leadership Team and staff.
  4. To encourage and develop the church family to effectively use their spiritual gifts in
    line with the church vision.
  5. To ensure an adequate ministry of pastoral care, including encouraging and developing others to be active in pastoral care.
  6. To develop and grow ones own ministry in line with the Key Responsibilities in the Pastoral Profile (attached).
  7. To communicate effectively with the congregation.
  8. To receive frequent professional supervision/mentoring
  9. To be a member of a Baptist Ministers’ Renewal group or equivalent, and the Western District Baptist Association.
  10. Willingness to be involved in the wider Dubbo community as well as cooperating with other churches and the Dubbo Christian Ministers Association.


  •  Accredited or Recognised Baptist Minister, or willingness to attain.


  • Lead the Pastoral Team and the staff team
    Be a member of the Eldership and the Leadership Team
    Be an ex-officio member of all Ministry Teams.


  • To Dubbo Baptist Church members, through the Elders and Leadership Team.


  • Salary, travelling expenses and other remunerations shall be, at a minimum, in accordance with Baptist Churches of NSW and ACT guidelines.
  • Annual leave and personal leave shall be in accordance with NSW and ACT Baptist Association guidelines.
  • Abide by the policies and procedures of Dubbo Baptist Church.


  • Appointment of the Pastor shall be in accordance with the requirements of the church constitution.


  • The Pastor and Elders shall undertake, with the guidance of a duly qualified independent person, a review after the first six months followed by subsequent yearly reviews.

Church Profile and Pastoral Profile & Pastoral Profile Pro-Forma.

Interested applicants should write to:
Rob McGorman
Chair of the Pastoral Search Team