Families stay connected with technology

By Carinity Home Care

Carinity Home Care
Carinity Home Care Rockhampton Lifestyle Carer Alethea Giovannini assists Beverley Young with her Mobi tablet.

For Beverley Young, seeing her great-nephew get married in Melbourne was something she didn’t think possible.

But by using her new Mobi tablet from Carinity Home Care, she was able to share in the family’s celebrations from the comfort of her armchair in Rockhampton.

Mobi powered by Breezie, is a personalised digital tablet device with a simplified, user-friendly format that cuts through the complexities of technology.

“I needed a little help with getting started on Mobi. My carer helped me for a couple of hours to learn how to use Skype. The more I use it, the easier it’s getting,” Beverley says.

At the end of a two-week trial Beverley had signed up for her own device which she was able to fund through her Carinity Home Care package of care and services.

“I thought it would be a good way to stay in touch with my family and see my great-nephew get married,” Beverley said.

“It all worked out well. My nephew Philip said to me to turn on my Mobi at 1.30pm, and he’d turn on his phone and Skype me. I was able to watch the whole wedding, and I could even hear the vows of the bridal party.”

“I did think it was very funny when Philip told me that I couldn’t speak at home or they’d hear me at the wedding!”

In addition to staying connected with family via Skype, the 86-year-old enjoys playing Solitaire on her Mobi.

Carinity Home Care also helps Beverley with home duties, getting her out and about in the community, and taking her to doctors’ appointments and to do her weekly shopping.

More Information:
Mobi powered by Breezie is available through Carinity Home Care.
For more information call 1300 109 109 or visit CarinityHomeCare.org.au.