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Christmas Jars Movie 

Based on the New York Times Bestseller

In cinemas December 3  

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Hope is an aspiring reporter who has had her fair share of tragedy in life. Abandoned at birth, she’s grieving the recent death of her adopted mother when her apartment is burglarised of all her possessions.

While reporting the burglary to the police, Hope discovers a jar full of money, labeled “Christmas Jar.” Shocked and grateful for this act of kindness, Hope discovers that people all over her hometown have been receiving Christmas Jars for years during times of need.

The jars are always anonymous and always contain different amounts.

In this heartwarming Christmas classic, Hope goes undercover to discover the secret behind the Christmas Jars, putting into motion a series of events that will change her life, and her community, forever.

“Spread the joy of Christmas Jars this year by sharing this wonderful, uplifting film with your friends and family!

BASED ON THE NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER By Jason F Wright. The QB Magazine interviewed Jason about the upcoming film release based on his remarkable book. The premise of the movie and book is all about putting God’s love for others in action. The Christmas Jar is a symbol of sacrifice, and reminds us to give up a small part of our lives throughout the year to change the lives of others. 

Jason Wright actually started the tradition of the Christmas jar with his wife and young children back in 2004.

When they were looking for a new family tradition that would make the holidays extra special, they decided to place all of their spare change in a jar throughout the weeks leading up to Christmas. Then, they would select someone—an individual or family—who needed some encouragement. That first jar contained about $88 and was given to a local family in need.

Amazingly, in 2005, when Jason’s book was first released, and had not yet achieved New York Times bestseller status, he found himself downsized at work and a bit financially strapped.

It was at that moment when someone anonymously left the Wright family their very own Christmas jar. The tradition had gone full circle! 

“You do not have to write a big cheque to make a difference in your community” – Jason Wright

Jason talked about how the book Christmas Jars resonated with the community, and led to a movement of giving and personal generosity which has become a tradition in many homes, schools and churches. This includes annual fundraisers which assist local families, and is a great way to deeply know and care for our neighbours on a grassroots level.

Students from Westlake High School and author Jason Wright (centre) with Christmas Jars

One example was at Westlake High School in Sarasota Springs where the students were able to raise $46,000. Many families in the community were overwhelmed and grateful when they received a Jar of money and a copy of the book Christmas Jars. 

“More than just a story, CHRISTMAS JARS will leave you inspired to see yourself and your community differently, and challenge you to consider how you can make a Christmas Jar delivery to someone who needs to be reminded that they are loved, that they aren’t alone, and that there’s hope for their future.” —Dove.Org

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