Sima’s incredible story

Baptist Word Aid Australia


August marks the beginning of Baptist World Aid’s Be Love Sponsorship Sunday season.

“It’s one of our team’s favourite times of the year,” says Baptist World Aid Communications Coordinator, Samara Linehan, “because it’s a time when we can celebrate with churches the incredible impact they’re having for children living in poverty, thanks to their generous Child Sponsorship.”

Child focussed development work is an important part of Baptist World Aid’s heritage.

Since the beginning of its first Child Sponsorship program in 1974, Baptist World Aid has been dedicated to ensuring that children have the future they deserve.

“This year, we’ll be sharing with you the inspiring story of a young girl named Sima,” says Samara. “I had the privilege of meeting Sima on a recent trip to Nepal.”

Sima is a bright young girl, with her whole life ahead of her. But, as Samara found out, things might have been very different without the help of Sima’s Australian Child Sponsors, Graham and Carly.

“Before her family joined the Baptist World Aid Child Sponsorship project, Sima’s mum struggled to pay for her school fees,” she explains. “In fact, it would not have taken much to end Sima’s education for good, trapping her in a life of poverty.”

“But through the Child Sponsorship project, Sima’s mum was trained in goat raising and vegetable farming, which has helped her to grow her income. Now, it’s easier to pay for Sima’s school fees and there are plenty of fresh vegetables for the family as well!”

In a village, like Sima’s, growing your own food means so much more than food on your plate. A trip to market is not only a four-hour walk each way, it’s also a treacherous journey.

“It’s something I didn’t truly understand until I’d attempted walking that impossible terrain myself,” admits Samara. “There I was, on the side of a cliff, muscles screaming in agony, and I suddenly comprehended what a convenient supply of food could mean to a family like Sima’s.”

God is using the generosity of Australian Child Sponsors to bless families and free children, like Sima, from poverty.

Today, Sima is at the top of her class. In the future, she hopes to bless others in her village by becoming a nurse.

“Of course, your generous Child Sponsorship means full stomachs and it means a good education… but it also means so much more,” says Samara.

“When you sponsor a child, like Sima, you help give them hope for a brighter future – and that is just incredible!”

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