Tea for the Soul reducing compassion fatigue for aged care workers

By Carinity

Carinity Clifford House aged care nurses
Carinity Clifford House aged care nurses Eva Shahi, Sangam Kunwar and Arati Shrestha enjoy Tea for the Soul

Carinity LogoAged care nurses are dedicated to ensuring that our seniors live their lives to the fullest – living with purpose.

But who cares for the carers?

To reduce the likelihood of aged care employees developing compassion fatigue, the chaplaincy team at the Carinity Clifford House seniors’ community has introduced ‘Tea for the Soul’.

Carinity Clifford House staff including nurses and personal carers can enjoy some special ‘me time’ to help them refresh and rejuvenate during the working day.
A small room at the aged care community in Wooloowin in Brisbane is set up as a mini-retreat which includes the provision of morning tea and relaxation activities.
Aromatherapy, relaxation music, a massage chair and inspirational quotes and verses on the walls also help to create a welcoming serene haven for staff.

Clifford House chaplain Gwenda Jayawardhana
Clifford House chaplain Gwenda Jayawardhana

Carinity Clifford House Chaplain Gwenda Jayawardhana, who devised Tea for the Soul, says the bi-monthly morning tea “provides a mini-retreat from stresses of the workday”.

“Tea for the Soul provides staff with a chance to talk and debrief in a safe environment, especially after the death of a resident they may have helped care for,” Gwenda says.

“Carinity cares for our staff as much as the people entrusted into our care. As a chaplain our nurses and support service staff can come to me to chat about any concerns they have or just to discuss how they are feeling.”

The Tea for the Soul initiative has been eagerly welcomed by Carinity Clifford House staff.

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