“The Three in Me” By Mel Paddick

It began before me.
Darkness reigned.
Devoid of shape.
Nowhere for feet to step.
No feet to step.
Yet, there were Three.
Voice, Light, Breath.
Three in One.
Voice spoke.
Light shone.
Breath gave life.
Love; deep, immeasurable.
Beauty; profoundly intricate.
Grace; tender, delicate, complete.
Wisdom was born.
Humanity formed.
The Three bringing forth their image.
Reflections of The Majesty.

Jarringly, Reflections sought desire.
Cast out Wisdom.
Separated from the Three.
Became their own voice.
Depravity, shame.
Brokenness our legacy.
It began before me.
I too sought my own voice.
Dwelling in shame.
Paralysed by doubt.
Consumed by fear.
Lost, alone; insignificant.

Somewhere in the darkness.
In my shattered mess.
Voice spoke.
Light shone.
Breath gave life.
The Three in One for me.
Declaring beauty.
Pronouncing value.
Claiming redemption.
Abounding grace; tender, delicate, complete.
Reflection restored.
Image renewed.
Joy; inexpressible, unprecedented.
For me… even for me.
Now Three in me.


By Mel Paddick