Why you should give at Matching Grant time

By Dan Skehan

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Baptist World Aid Director of Programs, Dan Skehan, explains the Australian Government aid grant behind the Matching Grant Appeal.

As Director of Programs at Baptist World Aid, I feel blessed to be able to stand together with our global Christian partners who are responding to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. And the Matching Grant Appeal is a wonderful opportunity for you to do the same!

Through your support of Baptist World Aid, and our partnership with the Australian Government, you are part of delivering highly impactful programs across six countries including Kenya, Malawi, Lebanon, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Cambodia. These projects will directly impact over 85,000 people including 20,000 families. Thank you!

As we all grapple with the coronavirus, it is easy to feel a bit helpless. The good news is that there is something you can do. You can give to the Matching Grant Appeal and provide hope to vulnerable families overseas… what a blessing to be part of this good news!

And this year for the first time ever – and perhaps the only time! – the Australian Government has generously increased their matching of funds to us.

That means that instead of the usual, maximum 6 times the impact, your generosity will be matched up to 10:1!

As you know, coronavirus is a global health crisis. But in developing countries, it is not only a health crisis, it’s an economic crisis and food security crisis as well. As local economies are ‘locked down’, day labourers are unable to make enough income to support their children’s daily food needs.

Families that normally live from day to day are forced to find food any way they can. And others who had little excess food to start with, now face hunger. In some countries, like Kenya where Tabitha from our Matching Grant Appeal lives, there may even be famine.

And while the media and news headlines seem to be all about the coronavirus pandemic, the reality is that there are other stories within this crisis that are waiting to be told. Natural disasters have not been put on hold – they continue to impact communities even through this global emergency. For example, in Eastern Africa (including Kenya) a locust plague is wiping out crops – crops that are often a family’s only source of food and income. And during this time of coronavirus, it’s easy to see why this causes grave concerns.

That’s why your donation to the Matching Grant Appeal this year is more important than ever.

Due to coronavirus, Baptist World Aid has been afforded more flexibility in the administration of the Australian Government aid grant – we thank them so very much for their support. The Australian Government has responded to the challenge… will you? You now have a very unique opportunity.

This year, your generosity to the Matching Grant Appeal will do even more as it is matched up to 10:1!

This coronavirus pandemic represents a great risk to many already vulnerable communities across the world. But we still have hope – we are not deterred because there is still much that can be done. And Baptist World Aid, along with our Christian partners on the ground, are committed to doing all that we can… will you join us?

With your support our Christian partners can equip vulnerable families living in poverty to face and overcome this coronavirus outbreak. And when possible, restore their livelihoods.

In Kenya, our Christian Partner, Anglican Development Services Eastern, has already been promoting good hygiene practices and conducting coronavirus prevention work in communities like Tabitha’s. In coming weeks, they will continue to provide emergency food and livelihoods support to vulnerable families to ensure that they can survive the pandemic and lockdown.

In Nepal, our Christian Partners, United Mission to Nepal and International Nepal Fellowship, are providing critically needed health services to keep vulnerable families safe from the spread of this pandemic.

And in Lebanon, our Christian Partner, Merath, is already providing emergency food relief to Syrian refugees and vulnerable Lebanese families. As well as making sure that the most at-risk communities receive and understand important public health information.

Your donation to this year’s Matching Grant Appeal will help to ensure this lifesaving work can continue.

As the world faces the coronavirus pandemic, our Christian partners in Kenya, Lebanon, Malawi, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Cambodia are in the field doing all they can to keep families safe and prepared. Once the crisis passes, with your support, they will continue to work with these communities to restore and strengthen livelihoods so that every family may have a bright future. And the fullness of life God intends.

You too can be part of this story of incredible hope in this challenging season. Give your lifesaving gift to the Matching Grant Appeal today… and have it matched by up to 10:1.

Matching Grant Example

Australian Government GrantYOUR GIFT BY JUNE 30Your Gift MATCHED 10:1
$350$35Up to $385
$700$70Up to $770
$1,400$140Up to $1,540

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Author Information
Dan Skehan:

Dan is the Director of Programs at Baptist World Aid. Since 2009, Dan has overseen child sponsorship programs, grant management and lead the development of the disaster management program. Dan is passionate about supporting local partners who empower communities to lift themselves out of poverty.