Win a Book – Centred

By Richard Black

Despite our Christian faith, many of us wish our life was different. Society’s general focus on ‘happiness’ leaves us wondering whether we’re missing out on what others’ experience. Should we be more loving, more assertive, fitter, trimmer … the list goes on? Would this make us more content with our life? Change takes time, and there are times when we just cannot make the change we aspire for, no matter how much we pray.

Centred has been written from a position of our identity being found in Jesus and written in such a way that you could hand on this book to anyone who has an interest in self-improvement. It’s the first of five principles that are key ingredients for thriving in life and growing the best version of you. This is not a quick fix – this is a mind-shift and a pathway to creating significant and permanent change. Centred is the first in the Mind Health(TM) series.

Individual Sales
These books are available through Koorong  and Mainly Music 

These books are available to your church on consignment if you’d like to hold a church bookstall.
The recommended retail price is $20. For the purposes of a bookstall, a special price of $15 each can be offered. Freight will be added. Email if you would like to arrange a bookstall.

Win a Book
To win a copy of the book, ‘Centred’ by Richard Black, email your name and address to, or enter online using the form below, or post your full name and address to: QB Magazine – Book Draw, PO BOX 6166, Mitchelton QLD 4053.